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Mask is requested, yet not required


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!4+ with a Parent prenpresent WITH PHOTO ID

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WE're easy to find

The salon is spitting distance from Dalston Kingsland overground station and a short walk from Dalston Junction overground. Numerous buses also stop just 100ft from our studio – check maps for options

 History Of
Big Sexy | PricK! 

Often imitated but never rivalled, the incomparable Henry Hate’s new incarnation sits in the heart of Dalston. Shoreditch’s premier tattoo parlour Prick! London has a new name – courtesy of Henry’s dear friend (and client) Amy Winehouse. Hidden from the main drag – behind a no-name façade – his atelier is the next word in the tattoo revolution and the place to get inked so long as you’re on an exclusive members’ list and get that all-important advance booking.

The pandemic + shutdown forced a recalibration of approach, so Henry birthed the Big Sexy Tattoo salon, which has an intimate feel with a focus on the client's individual needs, however big or small. Placing health & wellbeing at the fore, this is an inclusive space where you will be referred to by your preferred pronouns on request. The luxe interior makes this a destination studio and even if the bespoke service ain't available on the high street, the bougie vibes come at no extra cost... 😉


The insta-ready, homogenised world of body-art enabled Henry to able to make an industry sharp-left to drum up this personalised, more intimate offering. The new and reduced service subscribes to the anti-YOLO mindset and draws on an uncommon authenticity. His mission is to offer something different while celebrating the individual. Why be like everyone else, when you can choose to be yourself? It's time for some serious freakin' fun, people.

Big Sexy Tattoo offers eco-friendly, environmentally safe, single-use needles, vegan inks, and free consultations. All cards are accepted.


Love Henry Hate ❤️🤟❤️


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48a Boleyn Road London N16 8JP

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