XS size tattoos one color 2.5cm square  £50 (limit of 2 per visit / customer)

Basic tattoo starts at around £100 but can go up depending on size, positioning and detail

*please send us an image for a free quote

Day rate: price on request. Please contact me

Please ask for a preferred date and time when arranging an appointment..  we will try our best to accommodate you.  Please note all services and deposits are non-refundable.



Ear starts at £25 w/ ring £40 two  £10 discount for pair

Bar £30 w/ gem — £35  £50 pair       
*gold PVD and titanium available

Navel starts at £35 — w/ gem £40

Nose Stud £25 — w/ gem £30

Oral piercings £45                  *this includes second visit + jewelry

Tragus | conch | forward helix | rook bar £35 w/ gem — £40

Nipple £40 — pair £70 two £10 discount t for pair

Aftercare £6